Snakebites In Remote Locations

I started writing this article many months ago, after I was bitten by a Brazilian Wandering Spider (which is in the Guinness World Records as the most dangerous spider!). The spider fortunately decided only to dry bite (not to envenomate) but it raised the question: Just how prepared am I to deal with envenomation in … Continue reading Snakebites In Remote Locations


12 Tips for Jungle Hammock Camps

A combination of people asking me questions and people not asking questions when they should have, has prompted me to write this article. Experienced temperate campers sometimes fail to adapt to jungle and/or hammock conditions aderquatly. The following are 12 key factors to consider: 1) "Widow makers” is a term I was taught for branches … Continue reading 12 Tips for Jungle Hammock Camps

Matapalo, Predatory Trees

This is the Spanish name in Latin American for the Strangler Fig (genus: Ficus) that translates literally in to “kill stick”, but means ‘Tree Killer’. There are 900 species of fig trees and all of which are believed to produce fruit similar to the figs you can buy in a western supermarket. These trees though … Continue reading Matapalo, Predatory Trees

In Search of Hooker’s Lips

Despite your possible first thoughts of the loneliness of the jungle finally getting to me, this search is botanical rather than brothel orientated. The plant scientifically known as Psychotria Elata – although commonly called Hooker’s Lips or Hot Lips - is endemic to Ecuador, Costa Rica, Panama and Columbia. It is a critically endangered plant … Continue reading In Search of Hooker’s Lips